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GE – ‘Uber of the candle’ – targets developers in $220bn IIoT push

GE Digital is bidding for Industrial Internet domination through app developers, start-ups and an open ecosystem. IoB found out more. PARIS, FRANCE – General Electric (GE) may be 124 years-old, but the industrial giant has been enjoying a (digital) renaissance of late. Best known for power generation – through everything from lightbulbs to electric locomotives – GE has reinvented itself more latterly as a technology company, offering its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) Predix solutions to clients operating heavy machinery in power, water, oil, gas and aviation.

400 platforms, 100+ standards and one big fat reality check for IoT

The IoT community likes to get excited by the potential number of connected devices, and the revenue that could generate for solution providers – but there are some other, more stark figures that should give everyone a reality check. I want to focus on the lessons we learnt at our IoT Build conference, which was fundamentally a gathering for network architects, CTOs, CIOs and solution providers to come together and build the infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

Scalpel, clamp, VR headset: A surgeon’s quest to fix healthcare

Shafi Ahmed, a cancer surgeon at Bart’s hospital in London, is making waves with his innovative use of Virtual Reality (VR) in healthcare. Here, he tells IoB why VR, Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) are set to take the defibrillator to a sleeping industry. Shafi Ahmed is not your ordinary surgeon.

How will technology change the future of banking?

Digital banking experts discuss how banks will look in the future, and the role new and emerging technology will play in the way we exchange, store and save money in the future. In this in-depth video feature, we interview the following experts: * Natasha Kyprianides, Head of Digital Banking and Innovation, Hellenic Bank.

Happy Birthday iPad: How Apple’s tablet revolutionized business computing

The iPad has only been with us for a short time, and yet it has already changed how computers are being used in the workplace. The days of your IT department solely deciding what device you can have and when are diminishing as knowledge workers increasingly get to choose which devices they want use at work.
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TV5Monde in chaos as data breach costs roll into the millions

French broadcaster TV5Monde is still without Internet and other key IT functions three months after a nation-state hacker took control of its TV channels and hijacked social media accounts. Meanwhile, the data breach costs are mounting up. TV5Monde was very visibly hacked back in April when the French news channel, which broadcasts ten channels in over 200 countries, was downed by hackers who also gained control of its social media channels.

Exclusive: NCA losing cyber-crime officers to Met's Falcon

The much-vaunted National Crime Agency, often described as 'Britain's FBI', has lost several officers to the Met Police's Falcon Squad, as 'bored' investigators look to go more hands-on with cyber-crime cases. Some of these were thus choosing instead to jump ship and join Met Police's Falcon squad instead, said the source.

Greater resolutions, but at what cost?

Market research firm DisplaySearch’s recently published PriceWise report states that the price of a typical 40- to 42-inch HD TV screen, known in industry parlance as a panel, fell from $237 to $206 from June 21 to November 20, while that of a 46-inch model dropped from $319 to $283. Not surprisingly, LCD panel manufacturers are shifting their attention and energy to developing and manufacturing smaller panels.
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'Every day is a challenge' - Inside Europol's fight against cybercrime

Europol's European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) is growing faster than expected. Doug Drinkwater visited its offices in The Hague, Netherlands, to find out how it is uniting law enforcement in the fight against cyber-criminals. The European Cybercrime Centre is based in the distinctive four-tower Europol building in The Hague and is home to 850 people from law enforcement across 28 member states.

The best way to back up a photo library, back up photos online, back up photos to iCloud

The rise of iPhone photography has resulted in a need for more storage, a gap that many have tried to fill with hard-drives, thumb drives and cloud services. Macworld investigates which is the best for backing up your images. There is a new photos app on the Mac: read about Photos for Mac here. Apple’s iCloud comes baked in with iOS and, by and large, it doesn’t disappoint; you get 5GB of free storage, and photos are automatically backed up and synced across all your Apple devices - including your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

5 quick steps for using LinkedIn for recruitment

If you’re only using LinkedIn as a glorified business-card collector, an email replacement or some kind of Facebook counterpart for business contacts, you’re missing out on its recruitment potential. With 200 million users, LinkedIn has been making great strides lately to offer better tools for searching and posting jobs.
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SC Exclusive: Cyber-security fails to make the grade at university

The cyber-security skills gap is likely to continue, if not get worse, according to the numbers of people studying the subject at degree level. It has been said that the cyber-security skills gap will result in a shortage of two million professionals by 2017 (according to ISC(2)), a problem which has led some to call for a societal shift in security thinking, as well as increasing government involvement.


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